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  October 18, 2010  
Legacy Modernization Survey

Results show SOA-enablement trend, accompanied by popular misconceptions

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Safe and Economical Reuse of Legacy Applications

When web enablement is the best fit

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An Overview of CICS Channels and Containers
by Steve Burghard
Ever since command-level programming was introduced in CICS in 1975, an in-memory process called the communications area (COMMAREA) has been used to pass data from one application to another. From its inception, the size of the COMMAREA was held in a half-word data field—the EIBCALEN—which limited the...
Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Legacy Applications to SOA
by Don Fowler
When moving existing legacy applications (or newly developed server applications) to a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), you must consider the SOA solution’s overall objectives and problems that must be addressed.

An SOA solution must help a business quickly respond to changes in the...
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